Monaco 23 - 25 October 2023


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Monaco, host city of SPORTEL Monaco convention, is a city committed to the environment. The Principality is actively involved in maintaining the quality of life of its inhabitants by implementing a policy in favour of sustainable development.

H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, Honorary President of SPORTEL, is internationally recognised as a leading defender of the environment.

The organisation Monaco Mediax, in charge of the SPORTEL, joined the Principality's National Energy Transition Pact on 14 November 2019, committing itself alongside the Principality to reduce its environmental impact.

In order to pursue along the same lines, SPORTEL makes it a point of honour to promote and support environmental commitment among its audience and decided to implement various measures by combining forces of the organising team, service providers, partners, guests, and everyone who is involved within SPORTEL Monaco.

Our actions for 2021

  • Elimination of plastic: No plastic water bottles, we favour glass bottles or cardboard bricks onsite

  • Drastically reduce paper: No more printed guide or SPORTEL news

  • Recycled carpet: We use recycled carpet on our stands

  • Recycling bins: installed throughout the convention

  • No food waste: We are very careful about the amount of food ordered to avoid food waste

  • Environmentally engaged hotels: SPORTEL works exclusively with hotels which implement various actions for the planet

  • Eco-friendly partners: We source local suppliers for catering, AV, furniture, and plants locally (French Riviera). The proximity between our event and partners avoids carbon dioxide emissions during transportation. We exclusively work with suppliers who are very respectful and vigilant about the environment

  • New! We strongly encourage our participants to opt for a more ecological transport to transfer from the airport to the Principality. Here!

The Grimaldi Forum, the eco-friendly venue

SPORTEL takes place at the Grimaldi Forum, which has ISO 14001:2015 certification. The Grimaldi Forum is very respectful towards the environment, through its strong commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its events-based activities.

As such, it proposes a range of concrete actions related directly to the SPORTEL:

  • Waste sorting
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Catering: locally sourced produce used where possible, reusable plates and utensils, and where disposable plates and utensils are used, these are made from recyclable materials
  • No plastic bottles used at the venue (at conferences, etc.)
  • Natural thermal insulation, which prevents energy loss
  • Recycled water system
  • Solar panels on the roof.

The Principality of Monaco working to protect the environment

The Monegasque government has set up several actions in the city to protect the environment. The measures occur in different domains and raise awareness among its population.

  • Public transport: A strong public transportation network is put in place in the Principality as it is essential to reduce its carbon footprint
    Look at our Practical Information to choose the mobility that suits you best move within the Principality
  • Selective sorting: One of the main subjects the Principality is working on, by raising awareness in schools and companies
  • Green spaces: In order to maintain its natural environments, the city devotes 20% of the territory to green spaces.

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