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10 October 2014
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SPORTELMonaco 2014 Anniversary Blast!

SPORTELMonaco take place in the Grimaldi Forum

Monaco, October 10, 2014; as announced this morning by SPORTEL General Manager Ms. Amparo Di Fede, the 25th anniversary edition of SPORTELMonaco is a humbling success! With thanks to all attendees and supporters, this year's convention reached another record breaking high with 2580 total participants, of 960 companies of 77 nations!

"We are ecstatic about this result Ms. Di Fede continues, especially about the emotional support of our community. SPORTELMonaco has completed it's 25 years of existence and it is great to see how many companies still make the effort to be part of the Sportel world. Also we are humbled by the huge participation of the "140" new companies, which is a increase of 21% of new companies for this year" she confirms.

The new entities showcases a variety of new sports brands but also a wide selection of "New Media and Soft-Tech" services for the content industry. There are no doubts anymore of the acceptance of the new technology providers in the SPORTEL content market. The two business fields now go hand in hand and cannot exist without the other! The content dealers now face the challenges of multi platform distribution and are desperate for solutions that enable them to make additional deals and to generate additional profit.

The response of the SPORTEL community was extremely positive, complimenting the developments in the venues, providing more seating and meeting areas, the new exhibitors and opportunities and the overall good vibe of all participants this year.

"We wish thank the conference attendees for their interest and kind feedback" Ms. Di Fede continues, our team has worked hard on perfecting the conferences and Panels, to offer insight and perspectives of our industry."

SPORTEL is the modern day sports media business convention that offers the variety of new business opportunities the global sports media industry needs to day and in the future.

As already announced, SPORTELAmerica 2015 is just "around the bend" and we look forward to welcome global industry leaders in the JW Marriott in Miami from March 17 to 19, 2015. For more info visit

Brace yourself for a vibrant and colourful convention with all new sports opportunities the Americas have to offer - "See you in Miami!"

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