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28 July 2014
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As announced this morning, the weekly registration statistics for SPORTELMonaco 2014 show a rise in registrations, furthermore with a strong increase of registered "buyers" with 54% at this moment!

Current developments of the industry present more and wider interest in sports content overall and the SPORTEL organization has taken action to present even more buyers for this year's convention. SPORTEL Monaco 2013 already showcased a whopping 36% of buyers.

Registered Companies:
SIS Live, DFL Sports Enterprises GmbH, Wasserman Media Group, Prosiebensat.1, BBC Sport, Globecast, Wiggin LLP, RRSAT Global Communications, Netco Sports, Air GlobalL Media, Arquiva, Epic TV... Find more here.

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The evolution of business models for digital sports content

In December 2012, when TV Sports Markets asked a cross section of the industry's top executives what had been the biggest change or development in the previous 15 years, the most common reply was the growth of the internet.

Digital technology in all its forms has transformed the way we interact with sport and opened up almost limitless possibilities in the way sports content can be packaged and distributed.

The early days of the technology were more about promise than delivery, certainly in terms of revenues coming into sport. In 2014, the global digital content market can still not be categorised as a mature one, but it has certainly become a more lucrative one for sport.

This panel looks at how business models for digital content have evolved and asks whether there is now a consensus about what works and what doesn't for digital sports content, and also examines the factors which are shaping the future of digital sport.

Tuesday, October 7, 2pm

Stephen Nuttall, Senior Director, YouTube EMEA
Simon Greenberg, Global Head of Rights, News Corp
Frank Leenders, Director General, FIBA Media & Marketing Services

Moderator: Frank Dunne, TV Sports Markets

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