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NEWSLETTER | wednesday 5 OCTOBER, 2011


Don’t miss the 3 conferences scheduled for SPORTELMonaco 2011: sports & media industry specialists will discuss the evolution and influences of audiovisual technologies on the broadcasting and distribution of sport.

Monday 10 October, 14:30 - 16:00

International Conference: Olympic Games - the lean forward revolution in sports

Speakers include top digital executives from last year's host country broadcaster, next year's host country broadcaster, the broadcaster from the country that has won the most Winter Olympics medals of all time, and a former IOC Digital Media Executive. If you work with the Olympic Games or digital media, do not miss this session.

Ben Gallop, Head of BBC Sport Interactive, Stéphane Kanah, Founder and Managing Director ECHOES, Ellen Rian, Executive Editor, NRK and Mark Silver, Senior Director, Digital Media, Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium.
Ciaran Quinn, Director of Strategic Business Development, Deltatre

Tuesday 11 October, 10:30 - 12:30

Symposium: Smart TV: added value for Sport?

Beautiful pictures and rich content on the same screen: bringing together TV and the Web will become real for the public through smart TV sets. Will the first steps of this revolutionary association provide a new opportunity for sports broadcasting? What will be the consequences of this encounter? Will the freedom of choice of the viewers see a huge increase? Will new content platforms appear? Is TV in its usual form really under threat? How are rights owners getting prepared for this new perspective? What benefits can sport expect from this evolution? These are the questions to be debated during the next International Symposium

Gwladys Epangue, Taekwondo World Champion, Laurent-Eric Le Lay, Chairman and CEO, Eurosport, Philippe Levrier, Member of the Task Force for Internet TV, Timo Lumme, Director of Television and Marketing Services, on behalf of the IOC President, Michel Masquelier, President IMG Media, Denis Masseglia, President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, Christophe Muller, Director YouTube Partnerships SEEMEA, Stephen Nuttall, Founder and Principal at First Decide, Bruno Patino, Digital Development Director, France Télévisions, Martin Rogard, General Manager France, Dailymotion.
Richard Bunn, President, RBI Network
Patrick Chêne, Co-Founder and President, SPOREVER - MEDIA 365

Tuesday 11 October, 15:00 - 15:45

Special Press Event: World Judo Championships, Paris 2011 and its Media Coverage

Judo, Olympic sport practiced in 200 countries, meets difficulties to attract the distributors and to mediatize its big sports events near its millions of players and the general public. The arrival of new medias, the specialization of the traditional TV and the efforts provided to make the judo more telegenic, can they permit to improve its visibility?

Céline Géraud, Vice President, in charge of Communication, French Judo Federation,
Jean-Luc Rougé, President, French Judo Federation


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