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FRIDAY 22 juLy 2011  

22nd Georges Bertellotti GOLDEN PODIUM AWARDS

Tuesday 11 October 2011, from 20:30 to 21:30
Grimaldi Forum Monaco


SPORTELMonaco, the world leader in International Sports Television Programming, will be held at the Grimaldi Forum from 10 to 13 October 2011, in Monaco.

Organized every year during SPORTEL, the Georges Bertellotti Golden Podium Competition recognizes the best sports images of the year, from slow-motion sequences to live TV images.

Our 2011 competiton is open!

The participation is free and all directors, producers, TV channels, web TVs and Sports Federations are eligible to send their sequences.

We would need to have the name and the contact details of the person in charge of sports media production within your company so we can send more information about our Competition.

If you wish, you can view our Golden Podium Awards web page and also our 2010 winning sequences by clicking here.



Svatopluk SMYSL
Golden Podium Awards Assistant
Direct Tel: +377 93 10 40 56
Fax: +377 93 30 36 49
Email: assistant@sportelmonaco.com

Marc-Olivier TACCARD
Golden Podium Awards Coordinator
Direct Tel: +377 93 30 41 37
Fax: +377 93 30 36 49
Email: competitions@sportelmonaco.com