The Golden Podium Awards Competition

Created in 1991 and supported by the International Olympic Committee and the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, the Golden Podium Competition rewards sports directors worldwide.
This competition highlights the best sports video sequences of the year, those who capture best the beauty of sports through emotion and creativity.

Prize Categories 2014

Best Sport Slow Motion: FNOSC Prize

"Turkey Backflip Pigeon", Bjoern Miniers, Red Bull Media House (Austria)
Rewards the best sport slow motion, highlighting the emotion of the moment.
FNOSC Prize - 3,500 ? granted to the winning director.

Best Sport Programme Teaser

New category!

"En 8 Majeur", Stéphane Le Goff, Canal Plus (France)
Rewards the originality displayed to promote a program or a sport show.

Best Sport Programme Trailer

"Cameramen - Le Meilleur du Foot", Bart Timmer, Canal Plus (France)
Rewards the inventiveness displayed to announce major sport event.

Innovation Prize: Puressentiel Prize

"Ref Cam", Gary Burns, Fox Sports Australia (Australia)
Rewards a sequence that makes the headlines and shows an outstanding innovation in its production, image, format, or other.
Puressentiel Prize - 2,000 ? granted to the winning director

Best International Advertising Film: Christian Blachas Prize

"Jordan Respect", W & Ken New-York (USA)
Rewards the creativity of an advertising film whose scenario involves sport.

International Olympic Committee Grand Prize

"World Relay 2014 USA", Ted Ayling, IAAF (Monaco)
Rewards the sequence that best conveys the Olympic values advocated by the IOC.
IOC Prize - 3,500 ? granted to the winning director.

"L'" Public Prize

"Slowmo Ski 1", Mathias Lopez, Vecom Video (France)
Rewards the best sequence voted online by L' website users.

The Sport Image of the Year: Lacoste Prize

New category!

"Elevation", Cédric Klapisch, Canal Plus (France)
Rewards the sport sequence which marked most the year 2014, a strong image which will remain unforgettable.
Lacoste Prize - 2,000 ? granted to the winning director.

Image of the 25 Years of SPORTEL

New category!

"Usain Bolt : L'Homme Le Plus Rapide", Gaël Leiblang, Eléphant & Cie (France)

Prizes for the winning directors

Financial allocations provided by our generous partners

For this special edition of the 25th anniversary os SPORTEL, our loyal partners, the International Olympic Committee and the French National Olympic Committee, will reward the laureates including prizes money.
Musics provided by Audio Network.

Invitations for the Golden Podium Awards Ceremony

The winners will be invited in Monaco to receive their prize on stage during the Golden Podium Awards Ceremony on Wednesday 8 october, in the presence of many sport stars and olympic champions.

The Trophy

The Jury will also award the winners with a unique trophy, created by the Artist Raymond Moretti.

How to join the Competition?

Participation is FREE and open to television channels, sports associations, directors and independent French and international producers.

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Mike TYSON at SPORTELMonaco 2014:
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Attend the Ceremony

Attend the Golden Podium Award Ceremoy is very simple. You just need to contact:

Local citizens can directly withdraw invitations to the tourist office in Monaco from 15 September 2014.

Press kit

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The winners will be contacted on the day of deliberations and invited to come to Monaco to receive their prizes during the Golden Podium Ceremony, on October 8 at 7:30pm.

The Jury

The Jury of the Golden Podium Awards, composed of key figures of sports and media, will meet on 7 and 8 October during SPORTELMonaco 2014 to view the sequences and select the winning sports images of 2014.

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Overview of the 2013 Golden Podium Awards Ceremony
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Participation in 2013

  • - 192 sequences
  • - 40 Companies / Directors
  • - 14 Countries
  • - 33 Sports

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